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Is Assisted Living Right for You?

While many older adults embrace the idea of “aging in place” at home, assisted living communities offer many benefits that aren’t readily available to seniors who decide to live on their own. 

Assisted living communities are long-term, residential care options for seniors that offer a combination of housing, health care services, social opportunities and help with daily living activities.  The goal is to help residents maintain their independence for as long as possible while receiving assistance with the basics, like meals, housekeeping, medications, bathing and dressing.

Today’s assisted living communities are well-equipped to serve an active generation of seniors. Here are three reasons assisted living might be right for you or your loved one. 

  1. Safety

Safety is one of the most important issues for older adults living alone at home, as seniors are vulnerable to many in-home hazards and threats, including serious falls or poor medication management. Assisted living communities provide a safe living environment that gives seniors and their family members peace of mind. Secure entrances, emergency alert devices and 24/7 care staff are all ways assisted living communities provide safe and comfortable support. 

  1. Opportunities to Socialize

It is common for seniors living alone to face seasons of isolation and boredom. In assisted living communities, residents have a number of opportunities to meet new friends and participate in planned events or activities within the community. This could include playing cards in the common area, eating together in the community dining room and even group outings to shopping centers or museums. 

  1. Help with Activities of Daily Living

As we get older, completing simple, everyday tasks like getting dressed, showering, going to the bathroom and preparing meals can become a challenge. Caregivers at assisted living communities are specially trained to help seniors manage these tasks so that they can dedicate their time to the people and things most important to them. In some cases, additional services such a housekeeping, laundry and fitness classes may also be available to help create a carefree way of living for aging adults. 

Is Assisted Living the Right Choice?

Your loved one may enjoy an improved quality of life in an assisted living community if they are displaying any of the following signs:

  • Frequently need assistance with activities of daily living like bathing, dressing and toileting.
  • Experiencing worsening medical conditions or an increased number of falls. 
  • Their caregiver is overwhelmed or underqualified to provide the sufficient level of care that they need. 
  • Mobility issues are making it difficult to safely maneuver inside and outside of the home. 
  • Difficulty maintaining basic hygiene.
  • Decline in social life and increased feelings of isolation or depression.
  • Inability to successfully prepare meals.

The move to an assisted living community is a big decision, but it can be extremely beneficial for seniors who desire independence and peace of mind in the safety of a supportive community. 

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